Cold laser therapy is a form of therapy that uses light energy as a way to reduce inflammation and pain in an area of the body. This form of therapy is often used to treat pain in the knees. It can also be used for carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain, sports injuries, and tendinitis.

Cold laser therapy works by beaming light energy to your skin. The device will use a lower level of energy or photons. Unlike lasers that are higher frequency and used for surgery, these lasers will not cut or heat the skin. Instead, the photons penetrate the joint. The light will trigger a chemical change that can help the damaged tissues and cells regrow and heal.

During a cold laser therapy treatment, the doctor will aim the device at the skin located on your knee. The device will be very close and possibly touch your skin. The light pulses will be sent into your knee and last about thirty seconds up to a minute. Typically more than one treatment will be necessary in order to achieve results. Often it will take at least eight treatments and can take up to thirty.