CBD oil is a new trend that is taking the wellness community by storm. And for good reason!

With the legalization of hemp-based CBD oil in most states across America, it’s becoming more readily available for regular people to take advantage of its wellness benefits. “What wellness benefits?” you ask?

CBD oil has been proven to help with a variety of pain, stress, and inflammation-related ailments. In fact, pure CBD-oil was approved by the FDA to be used as a prescription drug for epilepsy treatment.

The research is still working to catch up, but many doctors have been hearing increased patient testimonials regarding the positive benefits of CBD oil in recent years. The myths and taboos surrounding this plant-based supplement are simply not true, and the positives could be limitless.

At Westwood Clinic, we utilize CBD oil as a part of our wholistic approach to wellness, along with chiropractic, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, and massage therapy.

Our full-body, multi-channel approach to healing, health, and wellness creates balance and restores your body to its natural state of homeostasis so it can self-heal, speeding up the process. Contact us today to find out more!