The dangers of chronic inflammation are well documented in scientific research. There are links between all major disease and chronic inflammation in the related organ or body part, from Alzheimer’s Disease in the brain to arthritis in the joints to encephalitis in the lungs.

Recommended treatments for inflammation often target the lifestyle and diet changes that will help to reduce the core cause of inflammation, namely an inflammatory diet full of red meats, fast foods, processed foods, and so on. However, some patients need immediate relief from the pain associated with severe inflammation, like that found in rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis.

For patients looking for effective pain management for some inflammation related diseases, microlight cold laser therapy can be an option. The microlight laser produces an infrared light that targets the muscles and tissues in your body to reduce pain and inflammation without any heat. The safe, low wavelength that we use at Westwood Clinic has brought our patients successful pain management and relief for muscle and joint issues caused by both inflammation and other disorders, diseases and injuries.

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