The benefits of a proper nutritional program can affect our entire lives, from physical illnesses and weight control, to mental health and increased energy. By medicating our bodies with food, we are limiting the possible side effects caused by other, harsher medications.

Many people already eat when they are stressed. They turn to food for its comforting properties, but some people will overeat, which causes more health problems and weight gain.

To combat this trend, here are a few food items you can snack on that will help to decrease your stress when you get the urge to stress eat.

  1. A Warm Cup of Tea – The comforting feeling of drinking a warm drink may help you to sooth your stress. Many teas are zero-calorie, and decaffeinated choices will relax you.
  2. Dark Chocolate – The antioxidants may reduce stress hormones (cortisol), but also the positive feelings of treating yourself to chocolate are good to battle stress.
  3. Sweet Potatoes – Complex carbs (only the complex ones!) can increase your serotonin level, so other whole grains could work for this. Sweet potatoes are the yummiest, though.
  4. Nuts – With their tummy filling power, nuts are a great diet food because they can help you feel full quickly. They are also full of B vitamins that can lower your stress. They are high calorie items, so avoid eating too many!

The point of a stressful eating session is to feel better, but if we overeat junk foods then our body will end up feeling worse. So next time you want to stress eat, reach for one of these items and try to lower your stress while you snack! For a complete nutritional evaluation by Westwood Clinic, schedule an appointment today!