Are you desperate to make a change in your physique, but nothing seems to work? Unfortunately, we all live in an environment where numerous factors play a role in our health.

From exercise and food choices to auto-immune disease, stress, and allergies, there are plenty of reasons why you feel like you can’t obtain your dream physique. 

Visit Westwood Clinic to get the help you need with getting your body under control. At our facility, we have body sculpting services that get you the results you want, in as little as 6 to 8-sessions. Our comprehensive range of body sculpting and health services include the following. 

  • Computerized Chiropractic – Find your posture problems
  • Physiotherapy – Fix mobility issues
  • Acupuncture – Relieve stress and energy blockages holding back your weight loss
  • Massage Therapy – Break up tight tissue and release toxins
  • CBD oil treatments – Reduce inflammation and promote recovery
  • Cold Laser Therapy – Boost our body’s healing and blast away fat
  • Herbal Medicine – Take a natural and holistic approach to medicine 
  • Consultation – Professional advice in a private setting
  • Nutritional Evaluation – Get personalized dietary advice tailored to your needs
  • Ionic Minerals supplements – Boost your nutritional program with the best supplementation

At Westwood Clinic, we offer you a holistic health solution to sculpt the body of your dreams. Contact us today to book a consultation.