With increases in activities that cause people to remain in a hunched posture, bent over their phones, for example, it’s no wonder that the term “text neck” became popular.

For centuries people have been using a similar posture while reading, sewing or writing, but with our addiction to smartphones and overall reliance on small devices, the time we spend hunched over with our heads bent, staring down at our laps or hands has increased to consume the majority of our days.

Thus, we have seen more cases of “text neck,” which refers to the pain that people experience precisely from the strain that the posture described above puts on their necks. Normally, our heads put about 10lbs of pressure on our necks when in a straight, neutral position. However, bending your head puts added pressure on the joints in your neck, increasing the pressure to almost 50lbs. This added pressure multiplied by three hours a day, means that your neck is under extreme stress. Not to mention that this has probably been happening to you for years by this point. Alarmingly, this is also becoming more common in teens and kids.

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