If you are someone who is sensitive to most foods, you think you might be allergic to some foods but you’re not quite sure, and you are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle but you’re not sure where to start… then beginning your health journey with a nutritional evaluation is a great thing to do yo get your questions answered.

Here at Westwood Clinic, we are proud to be able to offer nutritional evaluations to our customers who are looking to get these types of questions answered and begin their health journey. There are many benefits to getting a nutritional evaluation done, such as…

The benefits of a nutritional evaluation

  • Understand how addiction affects nutrition
  • Identify eating habits
  • Identify where you might be missing out on essential vitamins and minerals
  • Identify allergens
  • Come up with a dietary plan that best fits your needs and lifestyle

A food that is right for one person may be disastrous in the metabolic pathways of another. The important point is not why it happens; the critical element is that it can happen with any food and any individual. Avoiding these foods is the key to a long and healthy life. Certain foods are found to enhance or suppress the action of genes, some of which are protective and some of which may be very harmful.

That means you can regulate your own genes by what you eat, helping them or blocking them. There is no logic in the search for a universally healthy diet and those authors who proclaim they have one are misleading you. Forget the pre-determined diet. Each and every one of us has to discover his or her own customized and safe diet.

The foods you like or crave are not necessarily the best for you. the basic formula is to eat less and eat the right foods for your constitution and metabolism in order to live an exceptionally long and healthy life. If you have any questions, please contact us!