You are what you eat. This phrase is well known to all of us, but what if what you are affects what you should eat? If your body type, which can be defined in many ways, reacts differently to certain foods than others, wouldn’t you like to know? By learning your body type through a nutritional evaluation at Westwood Clinic, we can build a custom diet plan for your nutritional, health, and wellness needs that will match your body’s unique profile.

The nutritional evaluations that the expert care providers at Westwood Clinic conduct are influenced by Chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine and western medicine, and are meant to reveal the type of body you have and what kind of nutritional plan you should follow.

Evaluations take a long time, but the many measurements, including oral PH, hormone and enzyme levels, and body fat, visceral fat and skeletal muscle percentages, will reveal the perfect nutritional plan for your health goals.

By following the nutritional plan that we lay out, our patients often see results in one month or less, showing that the initial time investment is well worth it.

Come visit our clinic to see how the doctors at Westwood Clinic can help you on your health journey.