Computerized chiropractic care is not a keyboard fixing your back pain, but instead a Pulstar device that is used in Sense Technology for identifying issues. This expedites the process of going in for a checkup on your pain and allows for manual processes of finding the root of back pain much more quickly. 

How does computerized chiropractic care work?

The way this device begins working is through identifying motion patterns that correlate to pain or uncommon behavior in the spine. The process is virtually painless and is highly successful, developing consistency of what to expect in terms of identical behaviors across different patients. 

Why not rely solely on the chiropractor?

This familiarity and consistency reduce the space for human error by a great deal and overall improves the success rate of mending pain. Personal judgment and experience is taken out of the equation as well, which isn’t necessarily an inhibitor, but again is a contributor to natural human error that can in turn be avoided.

What kind of pain should I expect? 

There is no twisting, no popping, and all the adjustments are safe. The spring-loaded mechanism utilized is extremely safe and is as reliable as it gets when it comes to operating tools.