Wrist pain can be really inconvenient and limiting, and in some cases, it can be so severe that the entire hand’s mobility is restricted. But what causes wrist pain to be such a, well, pain?

In the modern age of smartphones, laptops and tablets, the main cause of wrist pain for non-athletes is often related to technology. By holding a large smartphone or tablet in your hand for extended periods of time, you are placing tension on your wrist and causing wear on the joints and connective tissues, which are very sensitive and delicate. Another cause can be from typing. If you are not holding your posture correctly, your excessive use of your mouse and keyboard can cause your wrists to strain for long periods at a time and you might even ultimately develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

For wrist pain relief, coming to Westwood Clinic is a good first step. We can help you to manage the pain from the damage you have already incurred from overusing technology and teach you methods and techniques for better posture that does not strain your wrists as much. We can also recommend ergonomic products that will help you reduce further damage to your wrists.